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Supporting Documentation: Fresh Prune Plum Products in Meats

Stapleton-Spence Packing Company, along with the California Dried Plum Board support research reports and technical bulletins describing some of the effects of fresh and dried plums on enhancing food and beverage products.

Fresh and dried plums provide multifunctional benefits including moisture retention, fat reduction and flavor enhancement. In meat and baked goods they also provide beneficial antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Recent Studies and Technical Bulletins

These reports and technical bulletins describe some of the recent and ongoing research on the use of plums as a food ingredient.

Some of the research below focuses on the use of dried plum (prune) products. Stapleton-Spence produces a variety of dried plum (prune) products however we have found that fresh plum purees are more effective in meat applications. Fresh plum purees are just as high in fiber, sorbitol and malic acid as traditional prune products, but without the strong prune flavor or dark color.

Fresh Plum Purees – A Natural Substitute for Phosphates in Meats

Stapleton's Fresh Plum Products naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol, malic acid, and antioxidants. These help retain moisture, suppress the growth of various pathogens, enhance natural flavors, and control the development of lipid oxidation or warmed-over flavor. Available as purees, fresh plums can be used as a natural substitute for phosphates in meat processing..

International Review of Food Science & Technology 2009, 'Natural' Suppression of the Growth of Foodborne Pathogens in Meat Products

Results of this study conducted at Kansas State University indicated the killing and suppression effects of various forms and concentrations of Prune (Dry Plum) products on five important foodborne pathogenic bacteria in liquid and solid food systems, thus providing food safety benefits to these products besides their normal food values to the consumers.

Visit the Technical Bulletin and Research section of Stapleton’s blog to review this study:
Dried Plums: 'Natural' Suppression of the Growth of Foodborne Pathogens in Meat Products

Journal of Meat Science. Antioxidant Properties of Plum Concentrates in Precooked Roast Beef to Reduce Lipid Oxidation

Results of this study indicated that FP (fresh plum juice concentrate) could be incorporated into a brine-injected cooked roast beef product at a level of 2.5% without detrimental effects and with the potential benefit of reducing lipid oxidation and WOF (warmed-over flavor).

Journal of Food Science. Antioxidant Properties of Plum Ingredients in Raw and Precooked Pork Sausage

Vol. 73, Nr. 5, 2008 H63-H 71
A significant observation in this Texas A&M University study was that dried plums used at 3% or 6% levels was as effective as BHA/BHT for retarding lipid oxidation precooked (PR) or precooked frozen (PF) pork sausage. Dried plums used at 6% were even more effective than BHA/BHT for retarding oxidative rancidity in PF pork sausage patties. All treatments increased moisture and decreased fat content of raw pork sausages, while the addition of 6% dried plums reduced cook yields.

Summary of Kansas State University ground beef shelf life research using dried plums:
Dried Plum (Prune) Products Extend the Shelf Life of Ground Beef.

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