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Fresh Prune Plums - A Super Fruit that adds Value and Safety to Food Products

Popular with food processors, fresh prune plums are natural, multifunctional ingredients that improve and add value to a wide range of food products. Due to the unique combination of fiber, sorbitol, and organic acids (primarily malic acid), fresh plums have a variety of uses including a fat substitute in baked goods, or an all-natural substitute for phosphates in meats. Fresh plum products serve as an all-natural preservative, a natural sweetener, a flavor enhancer and a caramel colorant. Available as a puree, Stapleton's Fresh Plums can be used in meats, baked goods, juices, smoothies, sauces and marinades.

In addition to its excellent functional properties, the addition of fresh plums is perfect for those looking to add value nutritionally. French plums are high in fiber, Vitamin A, potassium and one of the best sources of naturally occurring antioxidants.

Meat Applications

Stapleton's Fresh Plum Products naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol, malic acid, and antioxidants. These help retain moisture, suppress the growth of various pathogens, enhance natural flavors, and control the development of lipid oxidation or warmed-over flavor. Available as purees, processed fresh prune plums are popular with many meat processors.

Review Supporting Documentation: Fresh Prune Plum Products in Meats

Baking Applications

For baked goods, fresh plum ingredients are used to replace fat and add additional fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Fresh prune plums are also an all-natural sweetener and used as a preservative to extend the shelf life for many baked goods.

Juice and Sauce Applications

Fresh plum puree makes a perfect base for nectar type juice products, smoothies and sauces. This is due to the exceptionally high fiber content in fresh prune plums. Stapleton’s processes the fruit in such a way to yield a consistent particle size which gives the purees excellent thickening and viscosity enhancement characteristics. The flavor and color of the products are neutral which allows food processors to control flavors, which is not possible with stronger flavored bases.

Fresh Plum Usage Levels in Food Products

The table below gives general starting usage levels for fresh plum purees. Start at the lowest usage level and work up until the desired taste, texture, and moistness is achieved.

Product name Fresh Plum Puree Food Product Applications
Fresh Plum Puree 33 Start at 2-5%
Fresh Plum Puree 51 Start at 1-4%

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