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Prune Concentrate

Bakery, Confectionery and Dairy Manufacturing Use

Prune juice concentrate is a pure water extract of prunes (dried plums).

  • Can be diluted to single strength prune juice
  • Extends the shelf life of bread products
  • Serves as an anti-sealing agent - mold inhibitor
  • Sweetens and colors natural baked goods
  • A natural substitute for preservatives
  • Sugar substitute
  • Filling for hard candies and chocolate
  • Maintains moisture in chewy cakes and cookies
  • Binding agent in cereal bars
  • Natural syrup for yogurts and ice cream
  • Color enhancer
  • Flavor enhancer in sauces

Prune Concentrate Characteristics

Color: Amber to dark brown.
70 Brix Concentrate 85-95% of dry solids are reducing sugars.

Prune Concentrate Shelf Life

Shelf life of 24 months when stored in a cool dry environment. Prune concentrate is a self preserving product.

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